Friday, February 26, 2010

Reel work

My first commercial was for McDonald's Teryaki McChicken. I couldn't believe it! I was the only hair/make-up on set, so all characters featured (and some not) I worked on.

Challenge: Tak, the polite delivery guy (just as sweet in person) had to transition from tidy worker in Japan through moped ride, crowds, plane, and bus to the final scene where he arrives flushed and tousled at the McDonald's counter. All this was shot out of sequence, so it was important to think about how "messed" he was at each scene.

Then I did a music video for Michael Buble's song "Just Haven't Met You Yet". I didn't work directly with stars Michael and Luisana, but I was the key hairstylist for the extras.... roughly 150 in all! I admit, there were many deep background people we never even touched, just a look and a nod. But we did work on all the featured people, including the amazing dancers who were upfront and centre in many scenes.

Best part: Michael Buble lives up to the brand, he was charming, entertaining and down-to-earth, blending in with the extras and crew, smiling and chatting with everyone. Feel-good song, feel-good experience.

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