Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brilliant images require no explanation.

These are a few of the many "no caption required" images out there. Great concepts, well executed, and very clever... and not CG-reliant. None of these inspiring images are mine, but someday I hope to add a few of my own. Better put on my thinking cap!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I remember when I used to be stylish...

When my focus became hair and make-up (not styling, set, props, etc.) I stopped using some favourite images. These are sessions where I did the fashion styling and the set design, but left the hair and make-up to others. I still love these shots, I hope you enjoy them too!

These days more and more I leave the fashion styling to the amazing professionals I get to work with (Alecia, Deanna, Charlotte and Joanna, amongst others). Of course, I still like to do a bit of eccentric styling now and then, but I'll also do hair and/or make-up so it can be used in my book. :)

Styling and set dec - Liz Dungate
Photography - Fred Fraser
Hair and Make-up - Jenn Wang
Model - Lauren @ Richards

The Attic
Styling and set dec - Liz Dungate
Photography - Fred Fraser
Hair and Make-up - Sarah Appleby
Model - Polina (ex-Liz Bell)

Monday, March 8, 2010

"Website meet blog, blog meet website"

It's been a while since my last website update and this time I cleared out all my old faves and I've filled my site with only new (ish) work.

And for the first time my website has a link to my blog! And my blog has a link to my website! Yay! I love all this communicating!

So, thanks and hugs and kisses to Fred for updating my website and all the helpful (I won't say acerbic) comments to improve it. I even have meta tags! Joy!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hey, I put make-up on someone famous!

You know how some people stretch the truth, just a little (or a lot!) about industry "credits"?

Well, we decided to take it to ridiculous lengths and voila! I spent an evening putting make-up on Natalia Vodianova and Halle Berry while my fellow artists worked on the likes of Lara Stone and Kate Moss... then Fred shot ALL of these super-models when we were done make-up and styling (amazing gold bikini, Deanna!). He also got some killer behind-the-scenes shots of the team working their magic:

Makes me proud to work with such amazing professionals. Love you all!

Check out the team's blogs - Deanna, Marianna , Negar and Fred.