Monday, December 12, 2011

Wedluxe - Through the Looking Glass

Once upon a time we shot a wedding fashion editorial and now it is finally "out" and we can share a bit of the process. Fred shot this story on his antique large format camera, which requires patience, skill and (in Fred's case) strong calf muscles in running all day from set to upstairs dark room to computer and back again.

Everyone worked incredibly hard (and long) to make this story happen, and I'd like to especially thank our model Kristy (who is uncredited in the published story) for maintaining poise over so many long hours.

You can view the final published story here - Through the Looking Glass

The following are some of my favourite images (some are in the published story, some not), and some behind-the-scenes.

The set before the madness.
Take one.

Wait #1.

Wait #2.
"I think I'm in Narnia..."
(actually coined by Josh at a different time).
Get... back... in!"
Lovely Kristy.

This cheeky shot didn't make the cut,
but Kristy makes a fabulous Betty Page.
Technical calculations and prep.
More hanging out.

Wait #...?
Losing steam (but Alecia comforting herself with fur and bling)
and Aja struggling to stay awake..
Last shot... sleeping beauty.
Photos - Fred Fraser
Styling - Alecia Ebbels
Styling assistant - Josh Langston
Hair/make-up/set dec - me
Model - Kristy @ Radkids
Assistant - Aja Fraser