Friday, October 14, 2011

Tromp L'oeil - String Magazine

And now a kooky (creepy) little beauty tale that we shot in the summer and have just been patiently waiting for it to come out, just in time for Halloween. Gives you ideas for costumes, right? Fortunately we were working with the lovely Kristy, who looks gorgeous no matter what we do to her!

Photography - Fred Fraser
Art direction, hair, make-up, styling - Liz Dungate
Model Kristy @ Radkids

At the Ragged Edge of the World - Hacid Magazine

Usually we are all looking for the established designer label fashions and the world-wise experienced model, but in this case we had great chemistry with both a fresh face and a fresh fashion designer... I'm sure we'll be seeing more of both of them! And of course they were in the calm, capable hands of Benjamin and Samm, with me tagging along for some fun in the sun. :)

photography - Benjamin Kwan
hair & make-up - Liz Dungate
model - Veronica @ Charles Stuart
designer - Courtney Chow
photography assistant - Samm

Beauty is Diverse - Cliché Magazine

This was a fun shoot, and a chance to go crazy with the make-up. In retrospect I could have gone a lot crazier... maybe next time... but I'm not sure the "weird blue eyes/clown brows" look really came off. Let me clarify - only the make-up is questionable, everyone else is great! And Britt, even though you're the best at "wild", I promise next time - something "lovely".

photography - Benjamin Kwan
styling - Wendy Cook
make-up - Liz Dungate
hairstyling- Natalia Petcu
model - Britt @ Next
photography assistant - Samm

Funny Girl - Photographer & Muse Magazine

Here's some new stuff after a long hiatus from posting. I've been busy, but somehow just haven't got around to blogging for quite some time. Or going to the gym. Maybe it's related?

Anyway, no promises on the exercising, but here's the first editorial. My concept was to use make-up to create playful and unusual "gags". Our model, Anastasia, was totally up for the game.

photography - Benjamin Kwan
art direction, hair, make-up, styling - Liz Dungate
model - Anastasia @ Liz Bell
photography assistant - Samm