Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Paper and film

If you haven't already seen Fred's blog, then here are a couple of images from a recent creative that was full-on "created" the old-fashioned way. The dresses were all made from kraft paper and Fred shot it in his special secret inscrutable film ways on his 4x5 camera... something about that whole process is just so cool. Our paper "doll" was the beautiful Kelly, and her enthusiasm and poise really made this shoot a pleasure.

Enough with the compliments (all true), here are the images:

Be sure to check out Fred's blog to see the short behind-the-scenes video (dress-making secrets revealed).

Hair, make-up, design paper dresses (co-creating with Fred) - me
Photography and dark room secrets - Fred
Posing and emotional input: Kelly Bean (aka Frisby)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Come out to play

Just a bit of light fun... fun with light?  We said "Hey, wanna come out to play?" and Karie said "yes", and so we just played dress-up all day with bits from my tickle trunk. Here are a few faves from the day.

Hair, make-up, styling - me
Photography - Fred
Posing - Karie @ Carrie Wheeler