Sunday, September 9, 2012

POP! Published in Satellite Magazine

Here's a fun little story freshly out in Satellite Magazine. Chameleon-like Jesse (fave male model) takes on a variety of personae in this quirky exploration of pop culture stereotypes... also featuring popping colour, and vintage-style pop brands.

Photography Fred Fraser
Grooming, prop/set and styling - me

Blue Blood on Stylnk

Yay! Featured on Stylnk!

Here is the final spread, and a couple of bts of the crown-making process, and one more "out-take" that I couldn't resist.

The alluring image of the spoons advertised on Craigslist
that caught my eye when I did my search.
After a lot of fussing and rearranging, I settled on the design
I was happy with for the crown, using all but 3 of the spoons.
The final crown, wired together with picture wire and then attached
to a sturdier wire frame I created to stop the spoons from twisting.
Beautiful Amanda.
Photography, hair, make-up, hand-made crowns, design layout - me
model Amanda from Jager Models

Monday, September 3, 2012

Fresh Face at Jager Models

So, I finally did it, a shoot of my very own... on a very small scale... me, and the model, at my place.

It helps to have Fred's gear on hand, and his brain to pick to achieve what I wanted, but it actually turned out the way I wanted it to! Yay!

I have to say it was amazingly fun to direct the posing, Amanda is a sweet girl with a kooky side just waiting to come out. I'm still choosing finals for the actual beauty set, but here is a "photobooth" of  Amanda, underneath her initial shy exterior.

photos, hair, make-up, props - me