Thursday, January 17, 2013

Viktoriyan Ambrotypes

A little while ago, but not back in Victorian times, Fred shot some beautiful wetplate ambrotypes of a model and friend of ours, Viktoriya.  You may have seen the post where I showed one of the masks in process but I just came across these bts of the outfits and the shoot. Just in case you're curious.

I like to envision the style as closely as possible... love my "judy" who is actually called "Marguerite".

Back of the camera.

photography Fred Fraser
styling - me
model - Viktoriya

Monday, January 7, 2013


Sweet, sweet Carolyn (Li Ming) is a favourite with me...  person, friend, model, you name it. And I'm not alone, there are so many people who love her (I mean aside from Steve, who is also a favourite of mine). I was lucky enough to know her before she moved away, and lucky enough to spend some fine time with her (and Steve) in New York when I went there.

And that brings us to this little creative editorial.

Carolyn and I had a play date doing what we love... creating images (me behind, her in front of the camera). We just shot in her apartment, visiting and gabbing all the while, and just played with expressions and poses and came up with some shots that worked into a nice little story. Apparently See.7 Magazine thought so too, and published the story in December.

And now I am just getting around to blogging them after the madness of the holidays.

photography, hair/make-up, styling - Liz Dungate
model, friend, actress - Li Ming