Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Masque to Madness

A fashion story that I was heavily involved in (concept, masks, set, hair & make-up and art direction) just came out in See.7 Magazine. It's always a thrill to see work published, and the extra thrill this time was that they also published my ramblings about my process, as well as some fun behind-the-scenes snaps and a sweet little bts video by James at Spring Advertising.

You can check out the article, or the go to the editorial page to view the story. While See.7 chose to publish the story as separate uncropped images, I had initially submitted it as integrated spreads, which you can see below. :)

Once again, thanks to Fred for beautiful atmospheric images, Joanna for her wonderful styling eye, and to Tess from LizBell and Jesse from Richards for expressing their emotions without the use of facial features!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Poe-etry - Something new and something old.

A little while back Fred and I did a first (and likely last) fashion story using the wetplate process. Because each plate takes so long to do, it was a very long day for 6 simple looks.

The original pieces.

I wanted to document a number of clothes that I had designed and sewn over the years in a fashion spread, and thought it would look cool. I think the results are beautiful, and the collodian process certainly adds an old-world feel to it that wasn't apparent in "real life". In looking at the series after, I felt that the dark, Victorian mood was very "Poe"-ish, so I created a layout that incorporated quotes from Poe's poetry that seemed to go with the images.

I was pleased that Syn Magazine loved the images, and so you can see the published story here (page 137), as well as a lot of other cool stuff in the April issue. And below is the layout I created, just because it was fun to do. :)

photography by Fred Fraser
layout, styling, hair, make-up by me
model Brittany at Next Models