Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Helmet Hair

Just out... after a year. Check out the story at Nu-Mode Magazine.

So, here are the pages, followed by some concept images and bts of making the hairstyles.

The original concepts for the hairstyles from my sketchbook.

This mask used hair extensions wrapped and pinned around a
cut-out in the shape I wanted, then the model's hair was wrapped
around that to integrate the real hair seamlessly with the mask

This hairstyle I practiced with a wig, but at the shoot
it was created with only the models' real hair.

This piece was created with millions of tiny braids,
formed and stiffened into a lacy mask, then pinned to the model's hair.

This look started with a wig that I shaped and hardened
into a helmet. I didn't use the long under-wig at the shoot,
preferring to use the model's own hair, smoothed and
straightened to shiny helmet-ness.

Again, I practiced on a wig, but the final hairstyle
was created using the model's own long hair.
So there, now you know all my secrets! A lot of pre-planning, a lot of practice, and a lot of work on the day to create 6 completely different hairstyles. And make-up, although that wasn't the focus on this one. :)

Art direction, hairstyling and make-up by me
photography by Robert Kenney
styling by Joanna Kulpa
modelling by Lucy @ LizBell Agency

Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm Fame'd-ous!

Yes, that's right, I am the featured "industry professional" in the March issue of Fame'd, an online magazine dedicated to the Vancouver fashion community.

I was interviewed by the charming Ashley Perfonic and had the opportunity to chat about my passion for art direction and photoshoots and the joy of collaborative creative projects.

Thanks, Fame'd, for the feature!

You can check it out the full article here.