Monday, November 22, 2010

Silly Monkey

Ok, this is exactly the kind of propping I like to do: quirky, toys, accessories, fun. And all available by spending some quality time at secondhand stores and wielding a hot-glue gun. The whole idea actually all started with the badminton headband quite a while back, and then it kinda spiraled out from there. Originally I was going to make the letter-glasses with Hotwheels cars, but they would have been too heavy, in the end the fridge magnets were perfect!

And then to have a unique model like Alicia come on the scene at just the right time (come on, she's perfect for this, you know she is), and a stylist who put together outfits that have a unique look from image to image (while holding together as a theme) and finally, a talented and fun photographer (no, not the talented and fun photographer I'm involved with), and how can we go wrong?

PS I may start a line of Trollwear, I think there's a market.

accessory/props, hairstyling and make-up by me
photography - Matthew Burditt
styling - Emilia Pelech
model - Alicia @ Liz Bell

Check it out this story (and other cool stuff) at and an alternate spread at Plaid Magazine

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I shot Coco Rocha.

Ok. The truth is I shot a photo of her (not her). And the real truth is, it was just a snapshot, not like a real fashion-full-lighting-hair-and-makeup-styled kind of thing. But I did meet her (briefly) and she posed for me and my camera. And no, I'm not going to become a photographer now. (Edit: maybe I will?)

The story behind the shot is this: My friend Lisa Penz, who is an amazing artist, donated an original painted portrait of Coco to her charity event Strut for a Cure, and in appreciation, Coco made time to pose for a snap with the lovely Lisa when she was recently in Vancouver. I did Lisa's hair/make-up for the photo-op, and then (because I like an adventure) I came along to snap the photo too. Plus! I got to fix a stray lock of Coco's hair when she was posing... does that count as styling? Just kidding!

It will come as no surprise that Coco was gracious and lovely and our little photo-op good fun.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

More impressions of Venice

Venice is the most amazing place, like a Pac Man game in real life (with more beautiful obstacles). Along alleys, cross bridges, dead ends, double back...

 arcade in San Pietro

 bridge over Rio dei Girdini

 Riva dei Settemartiri

 Riva dei Settemartiri

 arcade facing Piazza San Marco

 Isola di Sant'Elena

 Isolo di San Giacomo in Palude



All images copyright Liz Dungate

Monday, November 8, 2010

Some impressions of Italy

Here are a few of my favourite impressions of Italy. I'll probably post other impressions, as well as a link to a shared gallery of more conventional (ie sharp) images, to satisfy those who see beauty in the details.

But me, I like an impression. Ah. Really. The light in Italy...

Florence, Fiesole, Castellina in Chianti



Yes. I shot all these photos (and more) out of focus "on purpose". And when I look at them, I can feel I'm still there...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mini-editorial for Vancouver Fashion Ezine... fun with scarves: classy, funky, artsy, romantic,

photography - fred Fraser
hair, make-up, styling - me
modelling - Kelly @ John Casablanca

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


A fashion story about the blurring of lines between genders as two androgynous people bump into each other in a cafe, each recognizing that the other is their "other" self, fall in love, and run away together. Hm. Pretty deep for a fashion story. I don't think anyone really got that, but it was so fun to do and I love the images, and count it a success! (thanks Trevor for printing in TLC!)

The amazing team:
photos (and brilliant "balloon-Carolyn" idea) - Fred Fraser
styling - Emelia Pelech
models - Carolyn @ LizBell and David @ Elmer Olsen
Hair and make-up - me

"I am"

Wow, it' been a while since my last post!
Here's a cheeky (minimal) accessories fashion story.
Kind of kooky, kind of sexy, kind of sweet.
(Warning: nudity)

Hair and make-up by me
Photography by Fred Fraser
Styling by Emelia Pelech
Sexiness by Cecilia @ Lexington