Saturday, November 20, 2010

I shot Coco Rocha.

Ok. The truth is I shot a photo of her (not her). And the real truth is, it was just a snapshot, not like a real fashion-full-lighting-hair-and-makeup-styled kind of thing. But I did meet her (briefly) and she posed for me and my camera. And no, I'm not going to become a photographer now. (Edit: maybe I will?)

The story behind the shot is this: My friend Lisa Penz, who is an amazing artist, donated an original painted portrait of Coco to her charity event Strut for a Cure, and in appreciation, Coco made time to pose for a snap with the lovely Lisa when she was recently in Vancouver. I did Lisa's hair/make-up for the photo-op, and then (because I like an adventure) I came along to snap the photo too. Plus! I got to fix a stray lock of Coco's hair when she was posing... does that count as styling? Just kidding!

It will come as no surprise that Coco was gracious and lovely and our little photo-op good fun.

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