Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Super Ubah Hassan

A while back my good neighbours called me over for an impromptu shoot with Ubah Hassan, a supermodel of amazing natural beauty and even more amazing natural inner beauty.

She was being interviewed for Flare Magazine, and the shots were being done to allow options for images (in the end they ran some of her better-known previous campaign images). I was applying her make-up and styling her hair, and she was so excited and animated answering questions about her personal project that I seriously worried about poking an eye or grazing an ear with my straightener, but in a crazy kind of way it all worked out and no-one got hurt! Even when the interview was done, Luisa, Ubah and I had a fun conversation about books we've read and being in Italy... a total joy of an evening.

Here are a couple of the images from the shoot, styled by Luisa Rino and shot by Evaan Kheraj.

Beautiful, inside and out.