Sunday, July 28, 2013


Sometimes it's fun just to not have a plan. Fred and I wanted to test out an unsigned model to see what she could do (as she had almost no photos), and when she arrived... we simply improvised. And here's how it went:

photos - Fred Fraser
styling, hair & make-up - Liz Dungate
model - Kait

Monday, July 15, 2013

SYN Magazine Editorial - Crazy white hair!

I love this spread, the crazy quilt styling (thanks Wendy) the clean, snappy photography (thanks Ben) and the fun expressiveness of the model (thanks Chloe). And for my part? I am loving those pressed pigments for eyeshadow, so wet and shimmery! But I'm happiest about the hair... I had so much fun! Chloe's natural hair is long, thick, and very dark brunette. My challenge was to change all that. I worked with a vintage "senior" wig, a beautiful silvery white, then trimmed and straightened and textured to make it "SUPER FUN!". And somehow managed to get all Chloe's hair up into it for the entire shoot.

Oh yeah, and about 13 different shades of lip colour throughout the shoot. :)

And, the MANY fun outfits that didn't make it into the page count but are well worth seeing:

photos - Benjamin Kwan
styling - Wendy Cook
model - Chloe @ Wilhelmina NY
photo and production assistant and all around amazing person - Samm
hairstyling and make-up by me

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

You Don't Know Jac...

Now Jac is out, in the Maculine/FĂ©minin issue of String Magazine. We went to my dad's cabin for the weekend, and for the first time, Jac had a bonfire, swung from a tree, used a hand drill... all firsts. Among other things.

Anyway, the published story is here:

The following are my favourite photos, and some day, I will let you know who Jac really is.

photos Fred Fraser
styling Wendy Cook
model Jac
grooming Liz Dungate