Monday, November 22, 2010

Silly Monkey

Ok, this is exactly the kind of propping I like to do: quirky, toys, accessories, fun. And all available by spending some quality time at secondhand stores and wielding a hot-glue gun. The whole idea actually all started with the badminton headband quite a while back, and then it kinda spiraled out from there. Originally I was going to make the letter-glasses with Hotwheels cars, but they would have been too heavy, in the end the fridge magnets were perfect!

And then to have a unique model like Alicia come on the scene at just the right time (come on, she's perfect for this, you know she is), and a stylist who put together outfits that have a unique look from image to image (while holding together as a theme) and finally, a talented and fun photographer (no, not the talented and fun photographer I'm involved with), and how can we go wrong?

PS I may start a line of Trollwear, I think there's a market.

accessory/props, hairstyling and make-up by me
photography - Matthew Burditt
styling - Emilia Pelech
model - Alicia @ Liz Bell

Check it out this story (and other cool stuff) at and an alternate spread at Plaid Magazine

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