Sunday, April 1, 2012

Poe-etry - Something new and something old.

A little while back Fred and I did a first (and likely last) fashion story using the wetplate process. Because each plate takes so long to do, it was a very long day for 6 simple looks.

The original pieces.

I wanted to document a number of clothes that I had designed and sewn over the years in a fashion spread, and thought it would look cool. I think the results are beautiful, and the collodian process certainly adds an old-world feel to it that wasn't apparent in "real life". In looking at the series after, I felt that the dark, Victorian mood was very "Poe"-ish, so I created a layout that incorporated quotes from Poe's poetry that seemed to go with the images.

I was pleased that Syn Magazine loved the images, and so you can see the published story here (page 137), as well as a lot of other cool stuff in the April issue. And below is the layout I created, just because it was fun to do. :)

photography by Fred Fraser
layout, styling, hair, make-up by me
model Brittany at Next Models

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