Sunday, February 14, 2010


...I've been doing hairstyling for Olympians and their families. Specifically the US Olympic team and their moms and sisters and aunts, etc. who are all so thrilled to be pampered that it's a feel-good place to be. As an added bonus, it's located in a relaxing day-spa type room filled with other Judy's, some I've never met before and some who are already dear friends. It's like one big pajama party. But with sore feet. I admit I'm not used to standing in one spot for 5 hours at a stretch as the various clients come and go from my chair. But I am enjoying hearing stories of the family behind the athletes, as well as the athletes themselves.

I'd show you photos of the space and the work we're doing, but out of respect for the families' privacy and comfort we're not taking pix. I guess it's truly a retreat for them and a place to get away from cameras.

Anyway, happy Valentine's everyone... going to put my feet up!

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