Saturday, February 6, 2010


I frequently do hair, make-up and styling on images that never show up in my fashion portfolio, so I'm happy to finally have a venue for sharing them. Last summer I worked on three different art series with Robert Kenney that celebrate the Goddess in her various forms. Two of the sets haven't been published yet, but the image below belongs to one of the series which is published - alongside other sets that I was not involved in, but of course are beautiful and well worth seeing! I feel fortunate to have worked with him and the connection we've had over this project. The images are all shot on a large format film camera, on location, which I'm sure you photographers out there can appreciate that takes a good deal of skill and patience. Our nymph was the lovely Cecilia, who you'll see more of in this blog as she's been a favourite muse of Fred and I, and now of Robert.

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