Monday, February 15, 2010

2 hours of driving, 2 hours of waiting, 15 minutes of grooming...

Have you seen this commercial? Well, I was Donald Sutherland's personal hair stylist for it. And the truth is I packed up my full kit (shampoo, shaving gear, irons) and drove out to the Ladner location where Tamar (make-up artist) and I set up our kits in the trailer in preparation to do the "works" on the star. After a couple of hours we got the call... to pack up and jump in the shuttle with our gear asap as DS had decided to stay at the shooting location. We quickly set up at the local barber's shop (who had kindly volunteered the space) and waited a bit longer. We were instructed to do whatever Donald Sutherland asked.

Finally I had my hands on his hair - I brushed, I shaped, I sprayed once, and he was gone. I tried to get in one last mist of hairspray but he declined. As you can see in the commercial, if you look closely, the wind blew and mussed his hair, but whenever I stepped in to straighten things, he always politely declined the touch-up.

So, here it is, my key hairstyling on a movie star, and his hair is messy. C'est la vie. But he did thank me after his scene was done, so I think on the whole it was a success. :)

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