Saturday, April 30, 2011

My name's not "Edna".

Enda B

How do you go about freshening the image of a fashion store that appears to be named "Edna"? We all know "Edna" is not a name that's synonymous with fashion (unless you're a fan of The Incredibles).

Well, a good first step is to remove the capitalization.

enda b

When the first letter is capitalized it makes "Enda" read as a proper name, so your brain takes a short-cut and inserts the most common name it knows (Edna) with similar letters - sort of like auto-correct when you're texting... and we all know how wrong that can be! An additional advantage to using all lower-case is that the word now appears softer, friendlier, more youthful... and frankly, no longer like someone's stodgy old aunt.

Next, I develop a short phrase that says what enda b has to offer. Which is: head-to-toe styling using a thoughtfully planned out selection of established and emerging designer lines, personal shopping and attentive, warm and experienced staff. In short:

where everything comes together

Next, a talented stylist (Yvadney) pulls a selection of gorgeous S/S designer clothes and accessories fresh in the store for spring (DKNY, Elie Taharie, Nicole Miller, Michael Kors, PENNYBLACK, etc.), I book the perfect model (Lauren), and Fred shoots a lovely little campaign of casual-to-gala looks. You know, show the people what you've got. In store. Now. All at enda b... where it all comes together.

And for me, it also all came together - this was one of those incredibly satisfying projects where I had the fun of concepting the whole new look & logo, I got to produce, art direct and provide hair & make-up on a really fun shoot, and then I got to incorporate the shots in ads, direct mail, eblasts, signage and a brand new website.

Now that's what I love to do!

Direct mail - sorry, all 200 scarfs went the first day.
First of series of eblasts, this one
promoting PENNYBLACK (only at enda b, super sweet line!)
7' wide in-store banners
New website with lookbook gallery and blog.
Photo team:
Liz Dungate - art direction, hair, make-up (and now you know what the fainting couch was for)
Fred Fraser - photographer
Yvadney Davis - stylist
Lauren Innes @ Next - model

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