Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fainting couch project completed... just in time!

The fainting couch is finally refurbished and ready for reclining. Many hours were spent searching for the perfect low feet, the ultimate neutral warm fabric, and creating a pattern from scratch to sew the cover with. I used our trusty staple gun to secure the fabric to the bottom and attached a gold fringe for the final touch.

Et voila! La divan de évanouissement! Sounds lovely in French, non?

Creating the pattern by measuring and cutting until it appears to fit.
Pinning the cover on to see where it needs to be adjusted before sewing.
Tracing the side piece onto craft paper to create a pattern for
future covers. Who knows, maybe red next?
The pieces are sewn and it fits!
The fabric is pulled and stapled underneath,
now attaching the trim.
The final result.
And the fainting couch in its first set, ready to go tomorrow morning!

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