Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bun shoot - BTS

I feel like everyone else has blogged this beautiful fashion story so I don't need to repeat it here... but let's face it, you're dying to see the people behind-the-scenes. And the scene-behind-the-scenes. So, wait no longer!

The scene unfolds.
The scene isn't as glamorous from this angle,
but look at Joanna working so hard!
Viktoriya dangerously playing with scissors
(a feature on Bun's Chanel-inspired necklace).
Me applying a bit of hairspray.
Maybe a bit more...
Vamping Viktoriya.
The LARGE format camera with our teeny model.
Fred under the "skirt", Joanna thinking "Should I jump in....?"
We're all so pleased, great team effort!

photography - Fred Fraser
styling - Joanna Kulpa
hair/make-up/props - me
modeling - Viktoriya

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