Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why wait?

I find I'm often waiting to see/get/show images from a shoot. I'm currently waiting for some advertising images to be published, some editorial images to be published, and some creative images to find their way to me. And sometimes the images never arrive and I just have to move on.

But recently I did a fun little creative with three great people, and I already have the images. And I don't have to wait for them to go "public"! Can you tell how happy I am? And the icing on the cake (speaking of icing, I made two large cakes, fully decorated and layered for a birthday party tomorrow... don't ask me about icing... but I ramble...) is that I also love the results.


:: THE JOKE :: from evaan kheraj on Vimeo.

photography | Evaan Kheraj
styling | Luisa Rino
model | Taylor @ Richards
hair/make-up | me

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