Monday, January 23, 2012

"prop"er shoot


Sometimes you just need to emphasize the obvious. Sometimes I think I'd be happiest making props all day long if I could make a living at it. Then again, I also love art directing... and make-up... and design... sigh. Does a person ever really know what they will be when they grow up?

Back to props. I recently decided that I needed to make antler angel wings, kind of an Artemis hunter-goddess thing, I guess.

I found some antlers on my favourite prop source of all time, Craigslist, and Fred and I made the journey to Langley to get them. As it turns out there were several sets, so I picked through the choices, weighed and squinted, until I was satisfied I had selected the "ultimate" rack. Larry, the antler source, told us they're whitetail (lighter colour, denser/heavier material) and that he'd acquired them from an estate sale of some old fellow who had them in a shed. So, they're vintage, which is even better! :)

Value Village was the first stop to find a matching pair of
genuine leather belts to construct the harness.
An internet search recommended Barge contact cement for leather to
leather, so a second trip to the stores for that, plus some leather laces.
Every good project involves chocolate and cappuccinos.

I glued the cut pieces of leather together and Fred helped me
clamp them to set overnight for maximum hold.
After scraping the dried icky bits and cleaning, then oiling the
antlers, I took a rasp file to them to flatten the back and remove
any sharp parts that might be felt through the leather.
The glued harness as it appeared once I removed the clamps...
sadly the glue was still gooey, so I needed to rivet the straps.
Fortunately, Fred had the tools handy for me to drill holes and
rivet the harness. I also drilled holes for strapping on the antlers.
Here is the riveted harness with antlers strapped on.
And the final antler wing harness after I painted on some
"antiquing" white paint to blend better with the antler colour.
Fitting the harness to Kristy before doing the hair and make-up.
And that's as far as I can take you tonight. Tomorrow (hopefully) I'll blog the final images from the shoot. Fred shot this session as collodian wet plate ambrotypes, and the plates are still curing before they are hard enough to scan, so I'll have to be patient and wait to share them.

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