Monday, January 30, 2012

Here's what happened...

Last Sunday I didn't want to just sit around doing nothing while my "go to" photographer collaborator had soccer commitments. I wanted to do some fun make-up, and I decided I would just see if someone would be willing to show up and we could "play".  And I would take some snaps of the make-up, available light kind of thing.

So I asked Renata, who is a gorgeous model (inside and out) I've worked with before if she wanted to play, and she said she was in.

Then I decided I wanted to explore a theme for the make-up, sleeping, and her eyes would be closed "dreaming" for all the shots. Then I thought... hm... wardrobe... and I called another friend, Natalie to see if she was in for a play day. And, happily, she was! So, we were all set to play on Sunday and then I realized I needed some help if I was going to take the kind of shots I wanted.

I knew the compositions and poses I was after, and the make-up, but the photography... I needed a turbo course in camera settings! Fred to the rescue. He gave me a basic course on the settings and how to manipulate them on his camera to be able to work in the lower light conditions (dark rainy day). He's a supportive guy, I have to say.

So, Natalie and Renata were a dream to create with, the images are sweet and dreamy, I had a lot of fun, and I know that I will always prefer to work with great photographers I get to collaborate with (especially with anything trickier than available light)... I just had to get some of that posing out of my system!

Anyway, that's how it happened, and no, I'm not planning on being a photographer now. I much prefer to be an art director!

styling - Natalie Tusznio
hair/make-up, photography - me
model - Renata @ Liz Bell

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