Saturday, July 23, 2011


At long last! Exercising Restraint is the title of the spread, but "exercising restraint" was the reality of waiting a couple of years for this concept to be shot, and then a few more months for it to be published so that now I'm finally free to share the final images, as well as some behind-the-scenes snaps.

The original idea... a page out of my sketchbook from about 2 years ago.

Joanna ensuring everything is perfect while Fred prepares to make his 1-2 captures before moving on to the next look. Seriously, we knew it had to be just right, because when you don't shoot digital, you only get a couple of takes.

Bronte striking her "Joan of Arc" pose. Ok, a true Joan of Arc
pose probably involves armour, but doesn't she look heroic?

Fred checking focus and Bronte holding still... for a very long time.

I was really happy this hair, but alas it doesn't show this view in the
final images... of course this is why we have bts images. :)

Just like the old days, with the photographer's head hidden inside
the black drape to focus the camera.

The final images published in TLC.

To get a copy of TLC magazine (so many more great fashion stories to see), go here. To see bts of the set being made, check out my previous post.

Photography and set prep - Fred Fraser
Styling - Joanna Kulpa
Art direction/hair/make-up/set - Liz Dungate
Model - Bronte @ LizBell

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