Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A life lived in colour

Or, maybe, a colourful life lived...

Either way, Frida Kahlo has been the inspiration for countless artists, historians, and... fashion spreads.

Aside from her native Mexican cultural influence, her bohemian lifestyle, her anguished personal life and association with (literally) giants in the art world, Frida could also be said to be an early adopter of the personal "brand". She had her own style and she remained true to it. Whatever you think of her art, she was committed and passionate, achieving an astounding body of work despite overwhelming physical and emotional odds.

So, when our brilliant stylist proposed that we do an outrageously colourful story based on Frida Kahlo, I was definitely inspired. And Fred having just finished drywalling our new massive wall, what better way than to break it in than with four different painted backdrop sets? And why not paint a few wooden chairs in fun colours and distress them to look old and worn? Why not indeed.

Here are some of my favourite shots, feel free to check out this month's Plaid Magazine to see the published story and more images.

photography - Fred Fraser
styling - Yvadnet Davis
model - Natalie @ Mode
hair/make-up/set dec - me

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