Monday, October 22, 2012

New York in focus

I recently went to New York for the first time. As you'd expect, it was an amazing adventure, and far too much to tell in a blog post. But take me for coffee and I'll talk your ear off.

View through the vinyl "O" of the airpOrt shuttle from Newark.
Mid Town Manhattan
The view of Manhattan from my Roosevelt Island studio
The studio apartment.
The Brooklyn Bridge
The walk across the bridge.
Lower Manhattan skyline from the bridge
Old dock building in Brooklyn
Yep, the Lady.
My friend Dana, who traipsed about Red Hook and vintage stores with me.
The interesting counter of the famous Key Lime Pie factory in Brooklyn... maybe only famous locally...
Brooklyn brownstone
One of many subway stations like this on the way to Coney Island
Coney Island!
Detail of old building along the boardwalk.
A new sign, already weathered and fitting right in.
One of the shops on the boardwalk.
View from the boardwalk, which is actually really long in either direction.

An actual still-running (although no that day) Side Show venue.
Old painted ad on side of the building
Old and new side by side.
The famous hot dog vendor!
Me, with a famous hot dog!
The beautiful boardwalk, probably can't see it in the summer with all the crowds!
Birds lined up on the beach.
Under the boardwalk... a little spooky.
Someone I know from Vancouver... unbelievably this was the SECOND time we bumped into each other!
An Alice in Wonderland Tea house in Manhattan.
My amazingly sweet and fun friend, Carolyn.
Daytime view from my studio
Roosevelt Island.
The tram from Roosevelt Island to Manhattan.
The 59th Street Bridge.. (Feelin' Groovy)
Central Park
The elevated garden walkway on the west side of Manhattan.
Weird window

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