Sunday, February 27, 2011

Good bones?

At least I was hoping so.

I've been looking for a chaise for a long time, and what's better than a chaise? A "fainting couch". Sleek low profile, perfect for posing... or just reading on a lazy weekend.

Just the name made me want to have it! By the time we drove almost to Bunsen Lake I had pretty much decided to buy it even though when we looked closely we realized the legs would have to be replaced. And of course the pastel floral granny cover.

So here I am on a "craft" Sunday stripping the skirt off and exposing the underbelly of my fainting couch, only to realize the it really is going to be a bit of work to remove the old legs and engineer how to attach new ones (the wood is old and getting a bit brittle). I've already bought the new fabric (dull gold) and trim, but that will have to wait, we need to deal with the bones first.

Anyway, here's the work in progress, I'll post the final results when it's ready and then you ALL will be swooning over my lovely fainting couch.

Pre-visualizing the new cover and trim.

Removal of the skirt and look at that bad leg!

Beginning the unveiling.

Cool strap and coil spring construction inside.

Original legs are not worth restoring.

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